Nano vs Micro Teaching


SI.NoMicro TeachingNano Teaching
01 Review by peers Review by him/herself using Technology.
02 Feedback by peers & mentors. It develop
a) Inferiority complex
b) Guilty
c) Ego etc.,
Self evaluation. It develops
a) Self confidence
b) Self awareness
c) Self realization
d) Self acceptance
03 More than seventeen skills. Self skill oriented.
04 Need formal class room, peers and observer/supervisor. Anywhere, without any peers and observes/supervisors like in front of mirrors and using other technologies.
05 We need external evaluator/observes
a) Whole evaluation for particulars steps.
b) Language will be precise
c) Weakening the interest in communication
Continues, comprehended self evaluation, going step by step.
a) Evaluating each mistake by him/self.
b) Language will be extended in a wider range.
c) Strengthening the interest in communication.


SI.NoOriental MethodTechnological Method
01 Text Books. Digital Books.
02 Library. OnLine Library
03 Discussions. Forums & Chats.
04 Encyclopedia. Wikipedia.
05 Face to face discussion. Video / Tele Conference.
06 Paper Pencil Assessment. E-Portfolio Assessment.